Prepared fruit first transformation

We have always grown a very close relationship with our fresh fruit suppliers. A bond that leads to a mutual trust relationship during all the production stages: from the choice of the kind of fruit to the right ripening and the moment to pick it up. In addition, for some years now, a Zuegg agronomist provides farmers with legislative assistance, most of all related to organic fruit and baby food as well. Freshly picked fruit is directly brought to Zuegg factory in Avellino, where it is carefully controlled and transformed into simple or concentrated puree, or frozen cubes. During the production process which lasts over 8 hours, at least 184 inspections are performed, and the entire process is continuously monitored with full traceability. The factory of Avellino allows the group to ensure the quality, quantity and raw material price control.

Capacità annuale

Frutta congelata 3.500 tons
Puree di frutta 17.000 tons
Puree concentrata di frutta 2.000 tons
Trasformazione di frutta fresca 28 - 30.000 tons/anno

Capacità attuale delle linee

Manzini linea puree 13 tons/ora
Pellacini/Rossi Catelli linea puree 8 tons/ora
Evaporazione Rotofilm Manzini 6000 lt acqua evaporata
Frutta congelata IQF 2>2,5 tons/ora
Linea puree congelata 2.5 tons/ora
Linea confetture da 0,4 tons/ora
Impianto per riempimento asettico di bag in box,bag in fusti e container Inox. 9 tons/ora


Cisterne asettiche / camion cisterne
Fusti asettici di 190-250 kg
PE bag in box de 15-20 kg
PE bag in bins di 1.000 kg

PE box da 10-15 Kg
PE box da 250 Kg

Passate e preparati di frutta
Mastelli da 1,5Kg, 3Kg, 5Kg, 15Kg e 25Kg


Agrumi, frutti di bosco, amarena, kiwi, ananas, lampone, arancia, lampone / mirtillo arancia / limone, mango, arancia dolce con scorzette, maracuja, ananas, mela, cacao, Mela bio, caffè, melone, caramello, mirtillo, cereali, mirtillo bio, ciliegia, mora, frutti di bosco, mora / ribes nero, crema chantilly, nocciola, crema whisky, papaja, pera bio, fico, pesca / Albicocca, fico biologico, pesca / Albicocca, bio fragola, prugna, fragoline di bosco, tropicale, frutta speziata.



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