Zuegg is a family company made of people and orchards, our own orchards. This is what makes the difference. Having orchards in the north as well as the south of Italy means being able to grow fruit in the ideal terrain and climatic conditions for each variety: the best can only be achieved when seeds, soil and climate are perfect. Our business is founded on in-depth knowledge of our orchards, humbleness and ambition as well as a desire to constantly experiment with new recipes that awaken the taste buds. This, we believe, is the only way to pay tribute to the land that hosts us.

  1. 1860


    Ernst August and Maria Zuech (where the Zuegg surname originated from) began to cultivate fruit on their farm in Lana d’Adige together with their 14 children.

    The family begin selling their apples in neighbouring markets and before long their business reached as far as St Petersburg.

  2. 1890

    The Company

    Karl and Vigil, the two eldest sons, took the lead of the small family business and turned it into a modern company despite the difficulties caused by the outbreak of World War 1.

  3. 1923

    The First Experiments

    In 1917, in Laces, near Bolzano, the company begins its activity of processing fruit with the first experiments to produce apple preserve.

    The real production of preserves, however, doesn’t start until 1923. It was an immediate success and Zuegg, thanks to the superior quality of its preserves, to conquer the markets of Northern Italy.    

  4. 1954

    Il Fruttino

    In the 50’s the Fruttino is born:  a solid cake made of quince jam, enriched with vitamins that replaces “bread, butter and sugar”, the typical children’s snack throughout Italy.

    Today it’s also available in blueberry and apricot and is still a great energy snack to take with you wherever you go.

  5. 1960

    Frutta Viva

    In the early 60’s Zuegg’s Frutta Viva was created:  a preserve without artificial preservatives and colourings.

    In 1962 a new factory opens in Verona and begins the production of semi-finished products based on fruit.

  6. 1985

    The establishment in Avellino

    Zuegg celebrates the opening of a new production plant immersed in nature in Avellino. There the fruit is collected, strictly controlled, selected and transformed into puree or frozen cubes.

  7. 1991

    Beyond national borders – Germany

    For the first time, part of the production was moved abroad, to Werneuchen near Berlin.   The new plant is be in charge of the production of semi-finished products timed at the Northern European markets.

  8. 2002


    Zuegg acquired in 2001 the German factory in Zorbig, near Leipzig, for the production of preserves and syrups, bearing both the Zeugg and the Zoerbiger trademarks.

    In 2002 the plant in Elne, France, is purchased to produce semi-finished products for the French, Spanish and Portuguese markets.

  9. 2010

    Austria and Russia

    Zuegg Austria GmbH, in Graz, was founded for marketing Zuegg products in Austria and Eastern European countries.

    In the same year a new factory opens in Russia, in Afanasevo, for the production of semi-finished products.

  10. 2013


    To be closer to the needs of customers and consumers, new commercial offices are built in the Graubünden Canton, Switzerland. The ideal crossroads between the Italian market and other Northern European markets.

  11. 2017

    The Return to Communication

    After more than 20 years Zuegg is back ON AIR with an institutional commercial dedicated to the history of the company and two commercials dedicated to the restyling of the classic jams, Oswald Zuegg Orchards, restyling name and design.  Oswald Zuegg becomes the endorser of the commercials with his voice but never his face.  Listen to outtakes of Oswald.



“I have spent almost four generations in this company, ever since my family started it. Although I’m fully aware of living in an era of great change, I believe that our founding values have remained the same. The importance of our role has remained the same, always inspired by our love of nature”.


Love for nature, in real terms, means avoiding water and energy waste as well as minimising environmental impact. Respect for the environment is a moral duty and a guarantee for the development of our company and society as a whole as we can only grow fruit if the planet is alive. For this reason, for Zuegg itself, the only development we allow needs to be sustainable.


The same respect is due to all who collaborate with our company, both internally and externally. This means giving primary importance to health and safety issues in the workplace and to ensure the best possible environment for those who have made Zuegg what it is since 1890.



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